Thursday, February 12, 2009

Together with my parents in Moalboal (2009-Jan)

On January 20, my mom and dad emailed, "We thank B'bert [that's how I am called at home] for the wonderful experience we had in Moalboal. It's really different, more of meditation, talking and encountering God. It's nice and fulfilling. May the Almighty God guide both of you in all your undertakings...
daghan kaayong salamat."

My eight-day Moalboal vacation included a two-day stay with my parents. I moved to the Club Serena Resort where it was more quiet being away from the crowded dive shops; and it had its own fenced area. The relaxed atmosphere and the place beside the powdery white beach was very conducive to bonding. The last time we were together was in 2008-July and we did not have enough time to chit-chat then.

My parents requested that I visit them more frequently. They added that it would be nice since they'll probably have only a few more years. How touching. I love my parents very much; and I have told them so. They are good and wonderful persons.

In Gratitude: Thank you, Lord, for my wonderful parents.

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