Thursday, February 12, 2009

Excited for EMBA (2009-Feb to 2010-Jul)

The last time I was in school was many many years ago. In fact I don't remember when that last time was. There were so many of them. Schools? Yes.  Years?  That, too!

Next week I will join the executive MBA program of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM) and I am already visualizing how our classes will be like. After so many years, I will finally be able to "sharpen the saw."  This opportunity did not come easy and it was only after several impassioned arguments with Jojo, my wife, that the collective decision was made.

The executive MBA will go on for 18 months (until July 2010) and classes are held for one week each month. Classes nowadays will surely be different, I imagine. With the indispensability of (laptop) computers and ease of access to the worldwide web, there will be so much information available. While this makes the environment better, it also challenges the learners to gather numerous perspectives, sift the information and process all of them and make sense out of them.

To study business administration in the midst of a worldwide financial crisis will be very interesting. How much of what is known of the cause, effect and remedies will be ripe for study? What lessons are being learned and how are they learned? How are businesses, people and consumption patterns affected on the whole as to set new and future trends on the way of business? How much of businesses will change when governments have ownerships of such institutions as banks? I have loads of questions that will surely lead to more questions. But that will be for later.

In Gratitude: I kneel before my God in praise -- for the opportunity and for the accumulation of the wonderful and meaningful life experiences He has created for me.

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