Sunday, May 15, 2011


Lord, if you take me now I have nothing to offer you. My hands, my life are empty.

Ana, our good friend and emotive storyteller shared her life changing experiences over Sunday afternoon in a small get-together. She spoke those words in her head while mouthing a prayer as their car, with both parents and brother in it, took a deadly spin after hitting a metal sheet on the road. Her humility is humbling.

Today is the Catholic church's vocation Sunday. Ana's testimony struck and caused me to reflect about what is my vocation; what have I become pursuing it, and what could I offer Him. Persons and indeed gifts - they come bearing challenges and messages, and from Ana, that of deep introspection. Thank you, Ana.

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  1. wow, telibert. this is powerful. yes, as i keep up with the spinning of the world and try to prove myself, in the end, will it matter to my creator?

    or would the random act of kindness that i gave no thought of, actually save me?

    thank you and keep blogging.

    angie/libertas - human rights