Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The Day You Die Is The Day You Live In Perpetuity

It is hard to get through today (October 5) without paying tribute to a great human being — Steve Jobs.  I know him, like many do, through his creations.  Products, which engaged me to new dimensions of sensorial technological experiences, and pushed me to imagine what else could I do — with these “tools”.

On the day of Steve’s death, moved by the many tributes for him, I placed an order for a keepsake iPod Nano.  Embossed on it is “In Gratitude to Steve Jobs ’11”.

The first Apple we had back in ’04 was a 4GB iPod Mini.  It was quite a sensation being fleetingly  transported out of Kabul to the youthful days of songs as they flew-by my ear when I twirled my thumb on the click wheel.  Since then, there have been several iterations…MacBook White 13” (wife’s); MacBook Aluminum 13” (gift from wife); Airport Express(es) (one for the residence, and one each that we took during travels especially back then when even at nice hotels wi-fi was scarce); iPad; wireless keyboard; MacBook Pro Aluminum 13”; iPod Touch(es) (one gift to sister); iMac (gift to nieces and nephews); Apple TV; and a few good appsall testimonies of how we have embraced technology.

But it is not technology per se that I have embraced.  Its tools.  Tools that I hope would make me better at what I do; and help me better serve the people in the causes that I have taken up.

To Steve Jobs, his team at Apple and their partners, who have offered me the wonderful fruits of their relentless quest for better, if not for the best (tools), thank you.

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