Friday, February 13, 2009

Over 200,000 firearms unaccounted for in Afghanistan. Disgusting!

I saw it big yesterday (12 February) on the BBC website and thought it would be picked up by CNN and others.  Over 200,000 firearms given to the Afghans could not be accounted for.  Neither the donors nor the donee have any idea where these are.  How disgusting!  How is this possible that there is pinpoint accuracy for missiles but these firearms can't be tracked? It very odd though that there seems to be nothing on this in the news today.  Is there a blackout?

If this has not been done in Afghanistan yet, should not the UN and other international organizations commission a body, along with NGOs, to look into the arming of the Afghans?Should not these organizations track who is giving arms and ammunitions, and to whom and where these hardware were handed over to?  Should they not report on this regularly?

For us who have worked in Afghanistan and those who are concerned with the proliferation of firearms, should we not lobby within our spheres of influence for accountability of these deadly hardware?  Should not advocates of democracy, transparency and accountability in government, also within their spheres of influence, demand for a system of accounting firearms and ammunitions? Should we in the international development field not lobby for these?

I am respectfully requesting the governments and the civil society of the countries of the NATO to undertake concrete actions for the tracking and reporting of the distribution of firearms starting with Afghanistan.

In Gratitude: Lord, thank you for giving me the strength to write this.  Please inspire others to act and get involved.

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