Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Urban dwellers, are they not?

Yesterday, I listened in on a sector discussion and was so struck by the label "urban poor." Being in Afghanistan and Timor-Leste for five years, I have been quite removed from some of the realities of urban living. The label seems to be so convenient and even if it might approximate in depicting the conditions that some of the urban dwellers are in, hardly anyone is bothered at all by its its derogatory connotation, including those who are in this sector.

I resolve that from here on in I will use "urban dwellers"; or more specifically, "disadvantaged" or "deprived urban dwellers." I hope that in doing so, I could change in me the change that I hope to see in others.

[2009 Apr 20: Perhaps I will settle with "under-served urban dwellers." What do you think?]

In Gratitude: Thank you, Lord, for giving me this opportunity to change.

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